Friday, May 29, 2009

BB戦士 No.320 張郃(チョウコウ)

原為袁邵軍中郎將, 袁邵戰敗後投降曹操, 受曹操賞識升為偏將軍 必殺技:爪拳獄連掌





裂鋭爪 + 突殴拳


Thursday, May 28, 2009

McDonald's Doraemon Toys !

Doraemon Time Machine

Dorami Batabatafly

Dokodemo Door Sketcher

Doraemon & Green Antenna Rolling Stamp

The Eye Will Change When Doraemon Slide

Mini - Doraemon Sticker Dispenser

Doraemon With Apple Tree Pen

The Complete Set Of 6 !
Communication Strategy IMC Presentation

Here Were Some Class Photos~

Jonathan's Group

Laurence Group

DRaGoN SiM Group
Lillian + Mike + DRaGoN SiM + Kyra

Our Group With The Lecture, Margaret
The Spring

Simply Took These Pictures When Visiting @ The Spring

Swin Night 2009 !

The Organizer Team


How Many Of You Think Of Him When You Eat>?

Steve... Waiter?

He Was MC !

The OC Mr Kong !

Our President !!! Alex Lim !!

My Table !!! Number 1

Professor Helmut Lueckenhausen

The Opening Ceremony

Swin Night 2009 Begin !

Food From Banquet

Choulyin + Tiing



Choulyin + Lilian

Ron + Kyra

Singing Performance

Arron Show !!!

Lilian Won The 1st Round Lucky Draw

Alex 's Funny Action

Performance By Anime Club

Love Song Performance

Wasabi Sushi

Group Photo
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