Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome To Kuching My Friends [1]
Keep In Touch Yah`

At This Time... Really Cant Remember Whats Their Name >_<

Bring Them For Dinner @ Jalan Song

Oo Jian !

Fruit Rojak

Ah Ling & Lalat

Ah Hiao Selling Digital Camera

Ladies In Show

Who Will Be The Winner?

Ah Hiao~ 'Catching Chicken'

Lalat & Jun Ling

Li Qing & Ying Yan

Ling & Suk Hua

The 4 Aunty

Capturing Being Captured

Mei Tzen & Su Yin

What Are They Looking?

Perak + Penang + Perak

CCS Good Friend

Dolphin Girl


Turtle Kissing>?

Su Yin Posting

Ikan Emas

Ikan Putih + Emas

Pity Scorpion

5 Flowers


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