Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome To Kuching My Friends [5]
Keep In Touch Yah`





Ah Kian & Su Yin

Mei Tzen

Ah Hiao

Mei Jue

Giant Ant

CCs Pray For Strength

Prety Girl~~

Su Yin + Mei Tzen

3 Kuching Ppl

2 Weak Kuching Ppl With A Strong One (Black Shrit)

Fresh Air~

Oni To Hut~

Silly Guys

Aiyo Aunty~

2000 Ft

CCs Like Those Ft Sign Boad

Yeah Yeah`

Boys Club

How Long Than Reach The Top??? Never Ending !

See... Again

Survivor For 2200 Ft

Arthur Pengsan Lo~


Dont Hide~ I Can See You



3 !

2400 Ft !

2500 Ft Lo~~

Reached The Top !

We Are Survivors~

If You Wanted To Come Down, Just Push This ! (JK :P)

Pls Pay Attention

The View On Top

Sin Hua~

Ah Kian

Hiao Hiao

Su Yin + Mei Tzen

La La La~

We Are The Best !

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