Thursday, May 07, 2009

George Toy Museum @ Malacca Part 3 (END)
乔治玩具藏宝阁 合家欢玩具殿堂

I Like This !!!


Slam Dunk + Astro Boy


Power Ranger + Masked Rider

Some Doremon
(Did You Know That The Mac D Doremon Toys Now Were So Hot !)


This Were From Mac D As Well... I Only Got 1


Sesame Street

Looney Tunes

Nemo (Some From Mac D)

Toy Story


Power Puff~


Mickey Mouse~

Walk Through This Amazing Place Where You Can Let Your Imagination Stretch. The Astonishing Diversity Of Rare Toys & Collectibles Ensure Enormous Enjoyment & Stirs One's Curiosity. Go Back In Time & Relish The Good Times At The Movies, From Sci-fi To Classic Adventures, To Super Heroes & Villains. A Must See For All Visitors, Young & Old To Malacca.

Thx For Visiting The Photo~


Ngee Khiong said...

Looks like the owner collects every kind of toys there is out there, toys for kids, teenagers and older collectors.

But no Gundam? XD

Thanks very much for sharing. ^^

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

Yup... No Gundam... Lolxxxx...
But The Collection Are Amazing... You Can See All $$$$ There. haHaha