Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome To Kuching My Friends [10]
Keep In Touch Yah`

Having Lunch @ 919 Cafe

Transferring Photo

Mei Jue ....

Su Yin + Hooi Ling

This Car Has High Valued !! 11 People In This Car

AH Hem ...

Su Yin + Me

Mei Tzen & Me~

Big Geng !!! Good Bye My Friends !!

This Photo Is So Nice !!!

2 Ling s

Both Girls Being 'Kiap' By Us


Good Bye Girls~ Welcome Back

Cute 1

Cute 2 (Act Cute Laaa)

I Know You Are Strong Laaaa~ White Book Ar !

@ Crocodile Farm !! After This Photo My Camera Flat !!

Can You See CCs Friends?

CCs Best Friend

Babi Babi~

Fire Bird?


Monkey That Look Like Jerome

Baby Crocodile On The Top Of Our Head !

Dangerous Place...

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