Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome To Kuching My Friends [9]
Keep In Touch Yah`

Having Breakfast @ Damai~

1 2 3 4 5 6

Yin... What Are You Trying To Show...

@ Permai~

Siam Ar !!!

Kuching People Live On Tree

Su Yin Visiting

Mei Tzen Visiting

Ying Yan + Ley Khim + Hooi Ling Visiting

Snake @ Jungle Pool

Both So Happy When Inside The Pool

Yeah~~ I Can Swim~

Cute Cute Geng

Yeah !!!

Arthur Bully La~` Sobxx

Me Again~~

HaHaHa.. My Turn !

Whos Leg????

Looking @ CCs... Acting Cute There

Press Him In The Water !!! /gg

What Happen???

Active In Water~

'Little Kids'

Hooi Ling Excited???

See This` Who's Coming?

Yeah~~~ Is Me !!

Gone Again!!

Sun Bath`~

Tai Ming Kena Molest

Ying Yan

Li Chun Like This Poss Ma?

Ultra Girl


Again and Again...

Yo~ Mei Tzen In The Pool

Arthur Kena Pulled By Crocodile

Group Photo

TV 2

Hooi Ling Push Me Away... Sobxx

Arthur.. What Are You Doing??? Watch Your Hand

Wah.. I Wn See Eric Kena Pijak !

Li Chun Wn Cramp Lo~

SHE Discussing What Poss

Jump !


Jump From Back

Super Women?

Nen xxxx

Su Yin Washing Leg

CCs Shiting

The Foot Steps Of Friendship
Although Will Flush By The Water But Never Shut Down In My Heart

Happy Ooo~

4 Excited Girls

They Seems So Happy When In The Water

Cheers ~

Ar !! Li Chun Coming !

Orang Gila

I Can't See My Face!

Mei Tzen

Hooi Ling

Su Yin

Ley Khim

I Jump Again

Sea Flower

Kaki Aku

Sand Fighting

Sexy Boy~

Arthur... Are You A Sand Man?

Ciok Ciok...

He Actually Enjoyed It

Hiak Hiak

Can't Swim Categories

Sin Hua + Tai Ming

Ying Yan + Sin Hua + Su Yee

Ares? So Moody?

They Step On My Name !


Mei Tzen

Hooi Ling (Opss)


Ley Khim

HahHa !! I Like This

Belongs To Him !

Wow !!! Molest !!!

Yeah~~ Sun Set

Why So Boring??

Arthur ... Ur Face Ar...

Good Shot

We Are @ Damai Beach~

Solo With Hooi Ling

Solo With Su Yin

Solo With Mandy

Solo With Mei Tzen

Dont Let You See !

Sand Man Continue

Focus On The Cigarette

Siok Sendiri

Toilet Sign

I Like This~

Good Bye Sun Set

Ooo Jian !

Tek Tang

Ks 100 Group

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