Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome To Kuching My Friends [4]
Keep In Touch Yah`

Ah Hiao @ Tun Jugah

Hooi Ling

Ying Yan & Ley Khim

Ah Hiao Scared By Kuching

Ling + Ling

Hey~ Kful With Kuching's Misai


Mei Jue Giving Away her Hand Back To Kuching As Gift

The Dog 'Siong Kin' The Avanza

Red Bridge @ Matang

4 Aunty

Before Climbing Matang (Getting Lesser & Lesser Along The Journey)

3 Kuching Ppl

Panas Oo~

So Hot~

'Uncle' Tourist Guide

Can Tumpang Me?

Left Behind


Run Run!!!

Frog Pond... But i Dint See Frog le

3 Big Frogs!

Cute Cute



The Original Aunty

Yeah ~ 1300 Ft Lo~

1 Down

2 Down

Me & Ah Huey

Climbing Turtle

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