Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome To Kuching My Friends [8]
Keep In Touch Yah`

Ah Hiao Look Very Hiao

WWE Competition

Act Cool

Su Hua Is Weightless

GTO and KN

Some Slippers Were Gone !!! Who Did That? We Searched For So Long

Where Is Mine?


I Am In~~

Get Ready~


Jelly Fish >_<


Su Yee + Sin Hua

Eric + Ying Yan


See How Crazy KN Was

Another Creature

Start Discussing Again


It Ran Away ~

Search But Nothing

3ed Creature

Creature Number 4

Eee... Me Le~

Hah? I Can't Hear You !!

Yam Seng !

Another Crazy Team

Ah Hiao So Satisfied

Gay !

Hooi Ling Respond So Fast To The Camera

Eee... White Book Ar

Apa La This Face

Playing With Phones & Keys While Waiting Food

I Will Remember This !!!

We Love Mobile Phone~

Mei Jue Dreaming?

Why No Food?

Here It Come !

Mei Jue So Happy Ooo

Chong Hua Number 2 Group !

Eee.. CCs Kena Rasuk Hantu?

@ The Lobby

2 Queens

A 'Teacher' Image

Su Yin Learn How To Play

Mei Tzen

The Blur Blur Team

Su Yin 's Result

U Both Remember What Happen In Here? HaHaHa

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