Saturday, March 07, 2009

Matang Fun Fair !

RM 3 For Adult
RM 1 For Kid

Every One Will Be Given A Chop When Enter

Space Ship

Mini Train


Pong Pong Car

'Come & Win Me'

The Place Is Small But Still Enough To Waste $

People Mountain People Sea

Eric Shooting~

Elly Aiming !

Elly, Ccs and Eric Were So Concentrate About What?

Oh.... 原来如此

Which Color Drop 1st = Win

Their 战利品
18 Tins Soft Drink ><


Kubaria ‘妈妈档’

Ccs's Mee Goreng
He Said Not Bad Ooo

Satay ~



My 战利品 (小飞狗)
Cost Me RM 3

Gold Mr Bean Bear

Cute?? Cost Me RM 14 For This Doll


elLy said...

LOLS! ur mr bean teddy bear looks funny wei..

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

cute le. it is special i think. gold color d

Ric said...

haha the fun fair seems nothing but seeing u put photos in here it seems merry to me haha

big boy said...

Wow how old already still play with this kind of stuff?

I thought usually girls do that, collecting bears and stuff. May I suggest you collect barbie dolls as well.

Anyway, nice blog you have there. :) Have a nice day.