Friday, March 06, 2009


How Many Of Us Still Remember This Building?
It Was The Most Crowded Market In Kuching For The Past Century
But Now...

See The Building?

The Market Had Been Moved For About Half Year And Yet The Building Still There

Compared To The Past... We Cant See Only 'Few' Cars Passing By

When You Go Inside, The Place Is Really Dark & Dirty
It Is Recommended That Don't Went Into The Old Building As There Were Always Drugster There (Especially Night Time)

See How Danger It Was When Turn Night

Drugster Will Obviously Like This Place

The Building Was Scarry ~`

It Is Really Recommended That Don't Ever Go Here At The Night Time

Fish Market (Former)

Notice By Government

The Old Electric Switch Box

Guess What>? Kopi O Peng !!
Who's? When?

This Was The Former Fish Market

Let See 1935's Building Now

This Was The Former Vegetable Market
It Was Really Crowded That Time

How About Now? Becoming Rubbish Place?

Can You Imagine This Happened In Our City?

Chicken Rice?

Doing Advertisement For Drinks?

Treasure Box?

What's Inside Here?

I Guess This Might Be A Switch Box

How Will You Feel When You Are A Tourist?

Cyling Broken For Fresh Air?

Karate Training?

Taekwondo Kicking?

Lots Of Sign Board Around

Unfortunately, More & More People Gathering There For Nothing

This Was What Me & Ccs Saw In The River
Snake? Iguana? Dinosaur?


elLy said...

HAHAHAH!!Karate training! LOLSSS =D
I think that's a iguana..hohohooh..mystery..

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

hahaha. might be dinosaur

Ric said...

hahaha might be an alien from outer space..the spaceship might be jus below