Thursday, March 12, 2009

BB 319 陆逊 鋼彈


陸遜最著名的戰役則是防禦蜀軍來襲的「夷陵之戰 」(222年)。在這場戰爭中,陸遜以火攻大破蜀軍,大敗漢帝劉備於夷陵,使劉備不得不退回白帝城,不久更死在那裏,確保了吳國在荊州的統治

Sources From: WiKi 陸遜

Here Are My 陸遜鋼彈

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 Site View

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 Back View

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈
武器 燕戟寶旋霞 + 飞燕盾

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 两刃形态

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 全副武装

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 跳燕機

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 Step On 跳燕機

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 Ready To Transform

BB 319 陸遜鋼彈 变形 燕迅形态


Ric said...

waa so nice..u assemble all d yet still in colors..hahaz so fast wor..the blue bubble or crystal or whatever it should be on the weapon head there is use foil sticker??? hahaz and i find everywhere gold marker and still in sienz

Ric said...

oh ya ma cao eyes can turn need like zhao yun nid choose one cao can change to both eyes..lolx

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

haha, i did this yesterday. too long din play Gundam a. hows was it? still ok la ho?

thn sure very worth to buy ma cao a. no need choose which eye

Ric said...

haha i think its ok..hahaz worth lo but price also naik ki..becomee 30 liao wor..ben so earn lo..if its same price with market price den mayb next time i consider buy outside lo cos sometimes outside de gt gifts inside hahaz

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice cool detail work! Impressive transformable Sangokoden Gundam.

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

Yalo. Next Time I Ask How much OutSide d. Gundam $ Keep On Increasing

Ric said...

Mybe cos here not much competition ba..hahaz..wit u open one store den me and arthur jump shop buy urs..lolx..den gt competition liao..hahahaz