Monday, March 23, 2009

Dog Show @ Kenyalang

The Cute Chihuahua

I Am Not Participating~
I Am Audience`

The French Bulldog

Don't Look Down On Me !

Another French Bulldog

The Bullmastiff

Hey, Don't Kacau Me La

I Am So Tired ~

The Big Rottweiler

The Dachshund
See How Fast I Run~

The Beagles

The Shih Tzu

The Doberman
Born To Be A Star !

The Doberman was developed in the 1880s by Louis Doberman of Apolda in Germany. He wanted a ferocious, short-coated, medium- to large-sized dog with courage and stamina, and developed his stock around the German Pinscher, which was both alert and aggressive. To this he introduced the Rottweiler with its stamina and tracking ability, the Manchester Terrier from which the Doberman inherited its markings, and possibly also the Pointer. The Doberman was given official recognition as a breed standard in Germany in 1900. A fine obedience and show dog, the Doberman can make a good family pet, but it needs knowledgeable handling and training, being wary of strangers and constantly "on guard." It needs a lot of exercise, and should be groomed every couple of days.

The Doberman !

Practicing & Calming Down

He Is The Main Attraction In The Show

Inside The Competition Ring


Judging Doberman

Why You Looking At Me?

Award Of RM 500 For The Doberman

The Best and Reserved Best In Show!

Riko Is So Calm & Steady

We Like Doberman !

Grouping With Riko...


Ric said...

waa~so many dog dog..y i dunoo de..haha

DRaGoN SiM said...

HaHaHa. Yalo. Don't 1 bring you go. HaHaHA

Ric said...

sob sob * tel mummy ah lun koko bully me liao

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

Swt.. Act Cute...