Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dog Show @
Chung Hua Middle School No 1

Criteria Used for Judging Show Dogs

In a dog conformation show, judges aren't merely comparing the dogs to each other. Rather, they judge each dog against the parameters of the idealized version of its breed. In other words, when the judge looks at your poodle, Fluffy, he is comparing Fluffy to the written standards of the ideal poodle. The standards address various body parts and attributes, including:

  • Balance: overall appropriate proportions in size
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Eyes: color, size, shape
  • Ears: shape, length, position
  • Head: shape
  • Muzzle: shape, length
  • Whiskers: thickness
  • Teeth: kind of bite (e.g. level or scissors bites)
  • Tail: how it arches and sets (e.g. how high or low)
  • Shoulders: bone, muscle
  • Legs: muscles, stance, proportionality
  • Coat: texture, length
  • Color: accepted breed colors

I Like This Photo Very Much~
Golden Retriever Of Two Girls~

The Pomeranian
So Cute~

The Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzer Is So Hyperactive Outside The Ring



Beagles Posting For Photo

The Beagles

Professional Grooming






The Pug


Black Boxer
See The Water From His Mouth?

Look Fierce


Rottweiler Lining Up

Judge Checking Rottweiler's Teeth

German Shepherd

Big German Shepherd

The Golden Retriever

Ah Ciak~

Golden Retriever >_<

Small Golden Retriever

Shih Tzu

Am I Cute?

Small German

Chihuahua Biting German Shepherd

The Saint Bernad
I So lonely~ Baby I Am Lonely

Playing With Hush Puppy

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