Friday, June 12, 2009

Hash Trial Run 100609
@ Kampung Serikin

Before Entering The Jungle~

Lots Of Houses There~

The Old Stalls ~

Rumah Atap

Here We Go~

Wood That Being Processed

Tying String On The Tree For Marking

Cutting String

The Small Bridge


They Chopped The Tree As Their Own Mark

Pokok Getah~

The Big Big Tree

So Scared Falling Down

Spider Man's House

The Jungle Was Full Of Leafs ~ Sound Like Snacks When Step On It

The Weird Door~

Mr. Tan !

Anything Inside The Hole?



Those Bidayu Friends Were Wearing Jeans & Slippers ONLY !

Continue Our Hiking

On The Way Going Down Hill

Building Road

Playing With Their Parang !


This Helps A Lot In The Jungle !

Mr. 老顽童 !


Mr 肉干王!


We Are Out ~

The Market Stalls

The Stalls Were Build Simple But Good In Condition

The Small Pool @ Kampung Serikin

Going Back From Kampung Serikin

@ Pekan Bau

Yummy~~ Curry Mixed Rice~

Thank You Boss !!!

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