Monday, June 29, 2009

270609 Small Small Gathering
@ Banquet + Vogue Cafe

鸟巢~By: My Dear Good Friends....

Mini Mee~

So So So 斯文 哦~

Anna + Jia Yiing + Adeline + Natalie

Pui + Ho



BREEZE Model Jerome Chua
''GETBREEZEM13'' to 36660

Congratulation To Our BREEZE Model - Jerome Chua

Highly Brought To You BREEZE Model Jerome Chua !

Picture To Thx For Those Support Jerome Chua

Guess Who Is This Little Boy?


How About This?


Oscar + Terence

Oscar + Su Yee + Terence

Wah~~ Model~

So Touch~

Next Round @ Vogue Cafe

Mango Tango

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