Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back To KHS School Day 200609

The Pity KHS

Chinese Language Club

The Club T- Shirt... But Why No Ours?

Pony Ride~

Station Games

Ar !!! Help Me !

The Duck In Charger

Another Duck In Charger

Kuek Kuek~

The Little Girl Playing With Duck~

Selling CDs

CDs Girls

Stage Performances

This Kid Got Lots Of Fans !

Karaoke Room

Physic Lab


Bio Lab

My Old Friend

The ICT Room

KHS Magazines List

The Food Corner

Halal Section

So Hardworking~

Can Be Found @ Everywhere

Our Formal Classroom 4S3 Has Change To 5S3

Ah Hem !

5S3 Students & Our Lovely Teacher~ (Pinky Ting)

5S3 Students & Our Lovely Teacher~ (Pinky Ting)

Why So Little Only?

Loong & Ung



Jia Yiing


Brian Ting + Eric + Ares + Tai Ming + Andy Lim

Brian Ting + Eric + DRaGon SiM + Ares + Tai Ming

Owen Photographer

Cikgu Habsah

Block 1

Block 2

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