Monday, July 07, 2008

MacDonald's Bear Bear~

This unique bear collection were with tags indicating their names. A complete set of 14 pairs. I Forgot When I Purchased This. Anyone If Know About The Details Of These Bear Please Let Me Know Yah~ Thanks. I Remembered Once The Bear Launched, I Took Happy Meal Every Morning~ And Have To Queued Up Long Que. Thank You Mom~ HaHaHa~ Yes ! I Collected All ~

Wedding Boy & Wedding Girl- Willy & Wendy

Bathing Boy & Bathing Girl- Brian & Beth

Rugby Boy & Rugby Girl- Roger & Ruby

Picnic Boy & Picnic Girl- Peter & Penny

Karaoke Boy & Karaoke Girl- Ken & Kate

Beach Boy & Beach Girl- Bob & Brandy

Weekend Boy & Weekend Girl- Walter & Winnie

Breakfast Boy & Breakfast Girl- Brandon & Betsy

Spring Boy & Spring Girl- Sandy & Sandra

Boating Boy & Boating Girl- Brad & Barb

T-Shirt Boy & T-Shirt Girl- Timmy & Tara

Farm House Boy & Farm House Girl- Fred & Fann

Good Night Boy & Good Night Girl- George & Gail

Scottish Boy & Scottish Girl- Sam & Shelly

Yeah~ Cute Ooo~

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Purple_mandy said...

very cute o these bears~~