Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3Days Ago~ I Learned This Sewing From Mom~
Wah~ Really Amazing I Can Finish It~
HaHaHa~ Hows Was It?
Don't Worry... I Am A Boy :P

1st Stage- Sewing The Orange Part

2nd Stage- Finish All The Orange Part

3rd Stage- Start Sewing The Blue part

Final Stage- After Finish The Black Line, All Done !

Zoom x1

Zoom x2

This Is The Back View... Ugly? Hiak Hiak~


Ric said...

hahaha really nice the picture..cant see any hole..haha jia you

Ngee Khiong said...

That is very awesome indeed. ^^ Takes a lot of patience and effort. Well done! ^^

Dragon-Sim said...

Thanks Ngee Khiong~
HaHaHa. Wait whn i free i go do my san guo Gundam. Hiak Hiak