Wednesday, July 23, 2008


侵略藍星軍曹小隊之兵長 Dororo,即將以前所未見、超精緻塗與高可動關節的造型登場囉 ! 身穿戰國忍者的衣服與裝扮、頭戴彰顯忍者領袖的頭罩、配上各式戰國特色的忍者兵器配件的兵長模型,絕對更加深您原先對兵長的感覺與印象 !
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Look Like Assassin

Also Supported By A Stand

Dororo's Hat Look Like Motorbike Helm...

Wearing Mask

These Are The Complete Of 軍曹特別訓練之戰國藍星大戰鬥篇 !
Yeah I Collected All !

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sweetsummer said...

he looks more like the ruler of nabari ^^!

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