Wednesday, July 16, 2008

七龙珠 DRaGoN Ball

This Set Of DRaGoN Ball Was Purchased On 16 May 2008. DRaGoN Ball Was My 1st Comic I Read. I Like Them Very Much ~ I Owned This Swt Of Comic 2 Times. The 1st Set Was Sold To My Friend During My Form 2 I Think As They Were Too Old Already. As I Borrow To Many Before... Some Of Them xxx Hiazzz. Thats Why From Now I Took Very Good Care Of My Comics~ And I Won't Borrow To Anyone Again. /gg Very Satisfied To Own Back This New Set Of DRaGoN Ball ! I Am So Lucky As Many Comic Shop Told Me It Is Impossible Or Very Hard To Get A New Set Of Them. I Will Appreciate Them ^^ Here Are Some Details About DRaGoN Ball From

鸟山明 (Toriyama Akira) 日本爱知县人,生于195545

DRAGON BALL, (又名:七龙珠)是日本著名漫画家鸟山明的得意作品,1984年登场,1992年又推出『龙珠』续集。这部长篇巨作在『少年跳跃』上连载7年。
根据 [龙珠] 的漫画故事,还推出了 [龙珠] 的系列动画片,无论是TV版还是剧场版,都吸引了无数的龙珠迷,掀起了一股股龙珠的热潮。

Here Are Some Details And References : (人物介绍)

DRaGoN Ball Chinese Version (42 A Set)
Bahasa Malaysia (43 A Set) Correct Me If I Am Wrong TQ

This Was The Only Toys I Have For DRaGoN Ball. I Heard That This Tower Not Only 3, It Has Few More. Anyone Who Know About This Please Tell Me Yah TQ.


Ngee Khiong said...

I like Dragonball as well, at least at one point in my younger days. Haha. ^^ I agve up after a while because the story just went on and on and on... ... ^^;

Was watching the TV series for a while, and a single fight could last for a few weeks! XD

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

Yeah~! Reading DRaGoN Ball was my sweet memory while young also. I Read every night and almost can memorize which the pages. But i think the animation for DRaGoN Ball Z is not so nice as too long and boring. I Prefer Comic. But for GT and The 邪龙 i think is quite nice lo.. But they don't have comic...