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The Malacca`
Malacca was founded by a fleeing prince from Sumatra in 14th century, it developed into a major trading port for ships from India and China. As the Melaka Sultanate flourished, the Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511. Later the Dutch took over in 1641 until much later the British empire ruled Malacca. The state finally obtained independence with the then "Malaya states" in 1957. Today, one will find many remnants of the glorious past dated back more than 500 years ago.

Eye on Malaysia
Currently @ Muara Sungai Melaka, Kota Laksamana 2, Banda Hilir, Muara Sungai Melaka, Melaka

St. Paul's Church

On top of St. Paul's Hill is the St. Paul's Church, once the prayer house of the Portuguese Catholics, then turned into burial ground for their noble dead by the Dutch. The tombstones have Latin and Portuguese inscriptions on them. St. Francis Xavier was buried here in 1553 before his body was moved to Goa in India

Admission: FREE

Opening Hours: 24 hours
TEL: +60 6 283 6538 (Malacca Tourist Information Centre)

Getting There: Within walking distance between A'Famosa, Christ Church and Stadthuys in Dutch Square.

In 1952, a statue of St. Francis Xavier was built to commemorate the passing of the saint. Originally, the statue was completely constructed with the right arm in place. However, on the morning after the consecration ceremony, a large casuarina tree fell on it and broke off the right arm, resulted in a statue with missing arm until today.

There Were Many Ancient Funerary Slabs Which Mostly Written In Dutch Inside The Church

I Think This Was To Support From The Old Building.

The Top Of
St. Paul's Church

The Ruin Of The Church Can Still Be Seen Today

St. Paul's Church

The Side View Of St. Paul's Church

I Don't Really Know About This Building, It Was Located Right in Front
St. Paul's Church

The View From St. Paul's Church

A'Famosa From St. Paul's Church

The A’Famosa

A’Famosa is part of a fortress built encircling the base of St. Paul's hill by the Portuguese in 1511. The gate is called Porta de Santiago. There were the governor's palace, bishop's palace, state halls, five churches and two hospitals inside A'Famosa. There was severe destruction during the Dutch invasion in 1641. In 1808, the British set to tear down the fortifications. Unfortunately, the weapons used at that time were not powerful enough to destroy the fifteen-feet-thick of A'Famosa. At the same time, Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore stepped in to prevent the complete destruction. What is left and restored is the entrance walls.

Side View Of The A'Famosa

The 'Boom' In Front Of The A'Famosa

Many 'Beza' Were Around This Area. Take A Good Ride On This After A Long Walk To The A'Famosa

Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’s Car

BE 52? What Does This Mean? The Seats Being Won?

This Chevrolet Was Bought in 1957 & Was Originally Used As One Of The many Limousines Provided by The Government To Ferry Vips Arriving @ Sungai Besi Airport, KL To Their Respective Hotel & Rest Houses. These Vips Were Representatives Of Their Countries During The Independence Celebration In KL. The original Paintwork Of This Car Was White. During The 1959 General Elections, This Car Was Used Personally By Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra To Travel The Whole Country In Order To Carry Out His Political Campaigns.

The Hang Tuah & Hang Jebat's Car
I Don't Know How True Was This But It Seems Like This Car Were Being Used During War Time.

Hang Jebat

Hang Tuah

Old Aeroplane?

Old Train?

This Was Scary !!! A 大头娃娃 Looking Out From The Window

Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
The Mall Was So Big !

The Padang

Saw Them In The Hall. They Were Dancers !
Doing Some Orientation Or Recruiting

The Capitol Satay Celup !

From The Posters Or Reviewed On The Wall, Many Artists Had Visited Here !

Just Take As Much As You Can Eat
It Only Cost RM0.70 For Normal Stick

Just Cooked It Inside The Satay Soup~

Done ! Eat Now While It Still Hot~

The Sun Set I Took At Malacca Bridge~

Birds Were Flying To Their Nest

People Were Coming Back

Red House~
All The Shops & Houses Were In Red lightning Along The Street

The Jonker Street~

Cute Cute Bun~~~



來自中國廣西欽州的何雪梅,現年37歲,她沒有左臂,只有齊腕截除的右臂;但是這比一般人短的右臂,卻寫出筆畫清晰、筆勢意態自如的書法。 此外,何雪梅也可以用口代替手臂寫書法,清晰有力的一筆一劃之間,充份展現出意志力和決心孕育出的成功。
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Malacca Trip~
Here Were Some Photos I Took When Visiting @ Malacca
Overall, Malacca Was A Very Relaxing Place Especially The Old Town~But... Really Hot !

It Was Easy To Go Malacca, By Taking K.K.K.L. (Bus) For About 2 Hours And You Will Reach Malacca Central ! Single Trip Was Only RM 12.20. Jonker Street And Those Tourism Place Can Be Reach By Foot~

K.K.K.L. (03 2031 3299)

Free To Comments Yah~

红叶 (Inside Temple)

Cheng Hoon Teng Main Temple
Is A Old Temple But It Is Well Maintained

Award Of Merit

Another Temple In Malacca But I Forgot The Name

Laksamana Cheng Ho Tea House

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

The 郑和井
According To The Guide, This Well Has Been Here About Few Hundreds Years

Cheng Ho's Well

How Mystery This Well Is?

San Shu Gong , House Of Authentic Delicacies
If You Get Lost In Jonker Street, Just Refer To This Building

See The Sun Light Effect?

The Bridge Of Malacca
Passed Here To Get To Those Red Buildings, Christ Church Or A'Famosa





I Like This Effect


This Angle Nice?

Is Very Hot There ~!

The Clock Tower

Christ Church Melaka

The View From Top

I Think This Was For The Memory Of A Great Queen

This Was Awesome !
Must Have This To Refresh In Malacca

They Were Trying To Build Something Here I Guess