Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Egg Egg Part 2

Today I bought Another 3 Gain... Hrm.. But Seems Not So Nice. Last Time De More Beautiful. What Do You Think?



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BB 296 Blaze Zaku Warrior

Although Zaku Seems Very Noob And Simple ... But I Like Them. ~
Finding This For Long Time. Thank You Mr. Eric Fong Who Help Me.
Now I Still Finding BB 285 Blaze Zaku Phantom. Anyone Know Where I Can Get It?


Now I Have 3 Zaku s. Still Left One ... (285 Blaze Zaku Phantom)

侵略藍星軍曹小隊之兵長 Dororo,即將以前所未見、超精緻塗與高可動關節的造型登場囉 ! 身穿戰國忍者的衣服與裝扮、頭戴彰顯忍者領袖的頭罩、配上各式戰國特色的忍者兵器配件的兵長模型,絕對更加深您原先對兵長的感覺與印象 !
Source From

Look Like Assassin

Also Supported By A Stand

Dororo's Hat Look Like Motorbike Helm...

Wearing Mask

These Are The Complete Of 軍曹特別訓練之戰國藍星大戰鬥篇 !
Yeah I Collected All !

侵略藍星軍曹小隊之伍長 Giroro,即將以前所未見、超精緻塗與高可動關節的造型登場囉 !! 身穿戰國浪人武士的衣服與裝扮、頭戴有點放蕩與神秘感的斗笠、配上各式戰國特色武器配件的伍長模型,絕對更加深您原先對伍長的感覺與印象,並為您帶來全新的震撼感 !
Source From

Look Fierce

Supported By Stand

Unequipped Hat

Look Cool?

Sunday, July 20, 2008


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關平 With 关羽-關平 Seems Smaller Than His Father (Height And Weapon)

Equip With 关羽's Weapon

Nice? Botak Head !

This Set Of Gundam Has Extra Parts (Error)- I Think Is 刘备's Parts

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I Am Going To Start My Journey ! Gooo ~

苍蝇挡车 ... 不自量力 !

I Don't Scared You.. Bird ~

Hiak Hiak ...

I Reach Hong Kong?

Haizzz... Let Me Rest A While Zzzzz

Another Reprinted Comic- Doremon~ This Is The 外传 Or Movie Story. For The Most Popular Will Be The 大雄的恐龙. These Comic Are Cheap.. I Guess No People Want Kua~ Only RM 3 Per Set !!! With Full Color !!! Wow... If Kuching 's Reader Want It. You Can Go Kenyalang's Comic Shop Near SugarBun There And Try To Look For It.

I Only Have 7 Only.. I Cant Find Others Anymore. If Anyone Know About Other Please Let Me Know Yah. TQ

Sound Familiar? HaHaHa. I Guess Most Of You Read This Before As Well.. Recently I FOund Out That This Reprinted 老夫子 In Most Book Store. It Only Cost RM3 Per Book. I Had Asked The Shopkeeper About This But They Said They Was Just Helping To Sell. They Don't Know Exactly The Details..

I Only Manage To Collect 9 Only~

Recently This MAMEE Were Very Popular In Primary School. Thats What MY Little Nephew Told Me.. They Exchange With Friends Or TRADE ! .... >_< This MAMEE Cost About RM0.30 I Think.. HiHi.. This Toy Cars Had 10 Different Types. They Are Just Like Train~ Please Have A Look On My Collection Yah~ Some Tips For Those Who Want To Collected These Toys. Just Go To The Shop And Buy For The Whole Big Packet, Around 30 I Think. The Greater Chance You Collect All .

Every Packet Of These Can Get 1 Toy Car

Before Transform To Car

Deng~ My Collections

All Can Link 1 By 1 Like A Train

Set Of 10~ Completed !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

七龙珠 DRaGoN Ball

This Set Of DRaGoN Ball Was Purchased On 16 May 2008. DRaGoN Ball Was My 1st Comic I Read. I Like Them Very Much ~ I Owned This Swt Of Comic 2 Times. The 1st Set Was Sold To My Friend During My Form 2 I Think As They Were Too Old Already. As I Borrow To Many Before... Some Of Them xxx Hiazzz. Thats Why From Now I Took Very Good Care Of My Comics~ And I Won't Borrow To Anyone Again. /gg Very Satisfied To Own Back This New Set Of DRaGoN Ball ! I Am So Lucky As Many Comic Shop Told Me It Is Impossible Or Very Hard To Get A New Set Of Them. I Will Appreciate Them ^^ Here Are Some Details About DRaGoN Ball From

鸟山明 (Toriyama Akira) 日本爱知县人,生于195545

DRAGON BALL, (又名:七龙珠)是日本著名漫画家鸟山明的得意作品,1984年登场,1992年又推出『龙珠』续集。这部长篇巨作在『少年跳跃』上连载7年。
根据 [龙珠] 的漫画故事,还推出了 [龙珠] 的系列动画片,无论是TV版还是剧场版,都吸引了无数的龙珠迷,掀起了一股股龙珠的热潮。

Here Are Some Details And References : (人物介绍)

DRaGoN Ball Chinese Version (42 A Set)
Bahasa Malaysia (43 A Set) Correct Me If I Am Wrong TQ

This Was The Only Toys I Have For DRaGoN Ball. I Heard That This Tower Not Only 3, It Has Few More. Anyone Who Know About This Please Tell Me Yah TQ.
New Egg Egg @

On 12 July 2008, I Accidently Found These New Toys~ HiHiHi... Nice Or Not? The Dinasours Cost RM 3.20 And The Monsters Cost Rm 3.40. How Were Them? Nice? I Think The Price Worth It ! How Do You Think?

Nice Or Not The Color?

Will Them Bite You?

The Legend Of Two DRaGoN~

They Came From Here~~

I Think I Haven't Collected All Of Them. I Will + Oil !