Friday, July 28, 2006

Halo Good Morning Avone ~~~ Guese what~ I just had a funny thingg this morning. Em. . . Nows 6A.M and i just awake from a call by my friend~I taught why she called up me but after a while i reliased that she accidently pressed and called out to me `~~~ >_<'' Hahaha. But nvm, i had been long time did not get up so early and my mom was shocked ! Wow . . . Lazy to continue my nap so turn on my computer and start bla bla here~ Well nows so quite and a bit cold~~Hahaha. I got one thing in my mind now . . . ----> That is misscalled my others frends to wake them up as they have to go school lo~~~~ Wait a ~~~ Deng Deng~ Wah ~~ How luckly if i Had Misscalled you~~ Mr.Eric Fong !!!! You are the first people to reply my misscall ! Hahaha. Good luck to you and have a nice day.

Well, Yesterday I had learn a bit on photo gallery.My friend Gary link a webside to me about photo bucket. . . Em . . I still have to figure out how to use it : P Noob is like that lo~~~

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Well... Today is a boring day.Just get a bit will from sickness. I get reason why i headache >_< SmallVille . . . 中华英雄 . . . 禄光森林 . . . 爱情魔法师 and some others movie . . . patut la Headache :(

MuaHahaha Mari Mari ~

Today I had only updated some pict in my blog. I still no idea on how to do my blog le. Someone Plz Plz Helppppp Me liaw ~!@#$%^&*()_+|

Besides, really hope some of my friends can pass their resit paper >_< . . . Thn we can move on to our degree and attend the Foundation Graduation togather lo~~~

Mimik a ~~ Now you sick liaw lo.. Have to take good care also yah ~ ( '0 ', )

Finally . . . Let me Introduce my car . . . Gold Gold car is the named given from my fomer schools friends. although it is very old and LAUIA . . . Hahaha. But I still Prefer this car ~ Nissan 130Y ` Goo Goo Goo !

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Now Lets try on my Comic Section ... Em ..
I will Show My Comics Colection out ( Not Much :P)
If possible i would like to make a photo galery in my blog. Some one pls help me coz i am Rookie
>_< . . .
Will be continue when I am Good in Mood :P

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Dragon Team

Here's come the Dragon Team for Marketing. We did so hard for the presentation !
! Aza Aza Fighting !
Mr.Gary Chan, Mrs.Yii Mei Ling, Mr.Dragon Sim and Mr.Simon Lau ...