Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Walk~
@ Sunday Market

Little Dog ~
RM 30 Only !! So Cute~
A Small Little Girl Hug For Me To Take Photo

Little Dog Minum Susu~

The Rabbits Seem Know I Am Capturing Them,
The White One Stood Up When I Took Out My Camera.

Cute ~~

See The Ear? Posting For Me To Capture`

Poor Little Battle Chicken Standing There

Parrots Are Nice~

Can You See The Parrot Ah Ciak With me? >.<

Daddy I Want Pineapple~

See The Watermelons? Just Like A Small Mountain

DRaGoN Fruits~

Apple Apple~

So Many People Were Choosing Fresh Fruits~

Anggur Anggur~

Kam a~ Kam a~

I Think This Is Nice. The Seller Told Me She Don't Know The Name...
Anyone Know?


I Don't Know Him Also

This Available In Purple Color Also

The White Rose That Going To Die

Look Funny With The Shape

Potatoes~ RM 3.60 Per Kilo!

Cucumber ~ RM 1.20 Per Kilo




Prawn RM14 Per Kilo

Egg Egg~ RM 6.90 Per Tray

牛腿 好大一枝

Banyaknya Kasut...

1 Pair For RM 10 !!


The Kueh Look So Nice~


mystery_J said...

Omg... the bird so cute la... i gien tiok that bird so damn long liao lo.. how much is it? it look like parrot, but actually i think its call budgerigar ..

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

em. i din ask bo. i think is not expensive. i tot u got those be4?

mystery_J said...

Not same .. last time i bought 1 is small small d parrot, not really like this. Btw, i never sempat to bring them back home, i was caught by the custom half road... arrrgghhh :p

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

walau... thn nw go sunday market buy la, nx time when eng we same same go see oi !! find 1 day !!