Monday, April 06, 2009

Balik Kampung~

Going To Granny House Again Yesterday. Purposely Bring My Camera To There For Some Photos. Is Quite Hot During That Time But I Did Enjoy A Lot (Although I Am Sick). Here Were Some Photos I Took. Go Give Me Comments Yah~

I Like This Effect Very Much

It Is So Beautiful~

Water Lily
Look So Pure~

Bee Inside The Flower
Looking For Honey?

The Small Orchid

I Don't Know What Is This, It Was Under The Wood

The Small White Flower Beside The Drain

The New Baby Cactus

So Small

Extra Small !

Try Hug This >_<


Uncle Pick Up The 猪笼草 For Me To Capture

Some Ants Were Inside The 猪笼草

What's Next?

The Mini Japan Chicken

Look So Lonely~

Nice Post !

This Is What We Called As 金鸡独立

Battle Chicken 打架鸡


The Ugly Goose

DRaGoN Fly~

DRaGoN Fly With 4 Aerofoil

Skinny DRaGoN Fly

Yellow DRaGoN Fly

DRaGoN Fly With Red Dot

Don't Know Who Are You

The Yellow Butterfly ~

Is Quite Small In Size

Black Butterfly

Giant Butterfly !

So Hard To Get This Creature's Photo !

This Creature Was So Active & Energetic

Spend About 10 Minutes For This Creature... But Is Worth ~


Fly Washing Hands After Eat
Please Zoom In !


Do You Know What Are There Doing?
I Guess There Are xXx ing...
Please Zoom In !

Grasshopper On Hand

Grasshopper With Black Line

Don't Know What Is This But I Usually Called As 马陆

Can You Find Where Is The Bird?

Cutting The Fish~

The Fish's 'Lemak'

Rabbit !!!!

Small Small Rabbit

Hiding Behind The Door: You Make Me Paisei~

Color By Black Ink?

Black Dot

Weren't There Cute~

Nature Breaking Tin

How Relax & Refreshing Staying Here~

Full Of Grasses ... Bit Scary Because Got Snakes

The Fish Pool

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purple_mandy89 said...

nice photos. whose hand is it that's holding the grasshoper?