Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Birthday

Yuan Wei Steamboat @ BDC

All Meats Were Covered, Is Very Clean

For Soup

Fish, Prawn and ETC

Arthur & Ccs

Jerome Act Cool >_<'''

Gary & Elly

Em~~~ Yummy~~

Everyone Busy Cooking (Only Guys...)

The Raw Meat Eaten By Us

Job By Ccs...
Putting Garlic & Chili Into The Fish Ball

See The Oil??


Dealing With Crab

Yeah ~~ Cake Opening Ceremony

Try To Turn The Cake Out

Happie Burthday To DRaGoN SiM?

Sing Sing~

Ccs Burned The Candle... SwT

Ccs ! i Saw Your Hand.
Ccs So Devil... Trying To Press My Face Down
LaLaLa~~~ I Am So Clean This Year ~~ Wait And See Who Will Be The NEXT !

Trying Very Hard To Get The Candle Out

My Present~ Gundam & Monkey Tabung

Thanks To My Friends Yah !!!
Thanks To Eveyone Who Wish Me ! Gong Xi Fa Cai !
Special Thx To Ccs, Arthur, Jerome, Simon, Claudia, Siaw Wei, Hui Peng, Eric, Elly, Li Tiing, Li Chun, Gary and Cs Tan !


Rei said...

LOL, wish I was there. Curse my test. Glad you had fun though~

yienyien said...

happie burthday ah wee lun!!!

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

Tq Rei and Yuen Yien~ Good Luck To You All~

sienz said...

happy belated birthday.. hehehe

elLy said...

Should buy a cream cake..LOLS!
hope u enjoy ur day~~

Mystery J said...

OMG.. i look so fat in the picture... die die die...but really love the cakes la.. haha

Somebody said...

who's hand is that?? arthur la..its arthur.. muahahaha

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

Tq Everyone. Ccs.. The Hand Is You La. I Know I U !!!