Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Matang Day Trip !

Matang Family Park

Price List & Time

A Very Relaxing Place That Let You Fell The Nature

Surrounding With Fresh Air~

Tall !

Nice & Peaceful

Relaxing Place

Cold & Clean


Start Burning !!! (Take Really Long Time !)

Finally Fire Burned

Hide Behind The Smoke

Kesian Nya~~~ We Put Our Food On A Piece Of Plastic On The Stone

Coke In The Water?

Feeding Cat With Lamb Chop !

Is Very Relaxing Sleeping On The Giant Rock & Watching The Sky~
See How Satisfied Eric There >.<

Dancing Time~~~

Lots Of Fishes In The Water


Ah Ciak !

Matang Creatures

DRaGoN Fly On Rock

What Is This? 蜈蚣?

Hock Keong Like It Very Much ...
He Trying To Pet It

Things That You Cant Do In Matang

Guess What Is This... Baby's Pampers !

Snakes' Packages


Let Me Climb~

Naughty Boy !


Shoot 1

Shoot 2

Cha Kueh After Coming Down From 马当

ABC Special?


elLy said...

WALAO...feed cat with lamb chop!! So wu lui aaa..

Mystery_J said...

That is the best thing to do at that time ma, at least better than feeding the rubish bin ma:)

Desparado said...

Wow the naked gu look damn sexy la, anyone know his hp no?? please....

Anonymous said...

jerome censored ki so fast got business lol!! ==

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

swt.... Really SWT !!!