Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Snoopy World Tour

This Was The Snoopy I Collected long long time. I Really cant Remember When But I Am Sure Was During My Secondary School. Might Be Form 1? Hahaha. Thanks To My Mom, Accompany Me Every Time To Bought These~ Hope All These Snoopy(s) Can Re Enjoy Your Kids Time~

Set 1- Argentina, Austria, Brazil and China

Set 2- Finland, Hawaii, Holland and Fiji

Set 3- Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland and Jamaica

Set 4- Japan, Korea, Macau and Mexico

Set 5- New Zealand, Panama, Peru and Poland

Set 6- Romania, Russia, Taiwan and Thailand

Set 7- Trinidad, United States, Venezuela and Yugoslavia

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Dragon-Sim said...

This is the link for Set 1. Any idea how to get this???