Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Boulevard Shopping Mall Merdeka
Countdown 09

Chang Ning Cheng Magic Show

Hii Kheng Juong Magic Show

Lenny Chew

Performance By Power Moves

Kappa Faction Community

Local Artist- Ching Ho

Local Artist- Ching Ho+ Mei Ling

Local Artist-Season

Local Artists

KL Artist- Friendz

KL Artist- John Wee

Merdeka !!!

Jimmy + Lenny

Lenny + DRaGoN SiM

Friendz + DRaGoN SiM

Season + DRaGoN SiM

John + DRaGoN SiM


Ric said...

eh u luan luan lai la..John is Kuching people road de..project superstar first season get champion..Friendz formed from different country de brunei,singapore, malaysia and philipine..den siong sing's bro call season wor??? haha thats new hehe

DRaGoN SiM said...

hahaha~ i 4lo the list i got~