Saturday, November 08, 2008

CCS Birthday Trip !!! 071108 (Not Actual Date)

Lunch Venue~


金牌烧肉贩 BBQ Pork Rice RM 5.50

招牌烧鸭饭 Imperial Duck Rice RM 6.50

四宝卤肉贩 Stewed Combination Rice RM 5.50

Afternoon Activity (PoP WavE 2 !) 2P.M.-6P.M.

Crazy Guys....

Birthday Boy !

Malaysian Idol (J C)

Dinner Time !! D11 Steamboat
57, Lot 230, Grd Floor, Jln Ban Hock, 93100, Kuching
*No Pork Serve
Jenny Chong 016 8601826

Makan Lai ~~ Delicious~~

Deng Deng...

CCS Cake... Who's Hand??

Pray Pray.. 'I Wish I Can xxXXxx'

Face MakeUp


Seems That He Like So Much!!!

Deng!!! Nice Or NOT!!!

Night Activity !!! Snooker !!!


Very Satz meh >_<"""

Professional GTO


Anonymous said...

the 5th pic geng lar hehe

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

Swt. hahaha. who are you?

Ai Ling said...

Why this Jerome take all the "image" of the birthday boy?!
So 'sat' meh?! :p

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry ai ling... To answer your question... Yes im very very "SAT". thats why lo... How? come slap me lo... come come...

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

。。。 原来是你!!!!

Silverin said... hilarious~~! p/s nice photos & outing =)

Anonymous said...

no no... the first comment is not from me la....where got people puji themselve one????

Anonymous said...

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