Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We Are At 52A ! SOTONG ~~~

This Is Our Working Place~

We Work For Our Mr. Sotong !

DRaGoN Misai Gula? HaHaHa (龙须糖)

This Was The Last Day, We Used Big Imported Sotong From Japan Coz No Stock Liaw~

HaHaHa... Pity..

See How Big They Are...


This Was The Photo I Took During 2007 In Kuching Festival

2008 Kuching Festival. I Like The Effect

Around 5 P.M. While All Are Preparing

Wow`~ Nice?

Moon Light Took At Kuching Festival


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice hangout place! I like the 龙须糖. It's so old skool man!

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

ya. i like it too. but cant keep long.