Sunday, August 31, 2008

Orchid La~~~

Today Went To My Grand Mother's House. At Ulu Ulu De~ HaHaHa. Never Really Watch Or Visit My GM 's Garden. HaHaHa. Really A Lots Of FLowers La~ Hope Can Share With All Of You~ Please Comments Ooo~

Can You Imagine Inside Here Can Have Beautiful Orchids?

Look Like Messy Glasses?

This Orchid Has Really Big Leafs~~~ But The Flowers Are Small And Cute O`

13 YEloow Milky Orchids (13 Brothers)

Orange Orange @

This Pick Orchid Look Like Original Orchid That We Saw Always

Mixed Color

Light Orange (Holding On Stick)

Deng~ Does It Look LIke A Bee?

White With Purple~


Very Nice Color And Look Class

Another Type Of Orchid

This Is Cute. Look Like An Egg and Different Than Others


Huey said...

hey.. whr is ur ah ma house? da orkid really sui la.. like kei eh aneh.. haha... got chance bring me go see see.. haha

DRaGoN SiM [龍] said...

HAHAHA. At 7 1/2 Mile 减 0.5。 LOLX